Saturday, May 19, 2018

Remarks Delivered By President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani At Extraordinary Islamic Summit Conference, Organization Of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)Istanbul, Turkey May 18, 2018

More Afghans than Palestinians have died in the past week. Yet, I felt compelled to attend this extraordinary summit to express the empathy and sympathy of my fellow citizens with the Palestinian people. Simply put, the question of Palestine is a question for the Arab world, the Muslim world and the world at large.   Failure to address it has robbed several generations of stability and prosperity. Continual failure to address it could deprive us of the opportunity to replace the unfolding clash of civilizations with a genuine dialogue of civilizations.

Why can a sense of urgency not be mustered? I suggest that the simultaneity of the following five factors might provide an explanation: - Read More

Remarks Delivered by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at Extraordinary Islamic Summit Conference, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)Istanbul, Turkey May 18,...


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