Tuesday, July 25, 2017

EU decided to update strategy for Afghanistan

Brussels: The European External Affairs Service has submitted an updated plan of the European Union to Afghanistan, which in the coming weeks will consider the member states of the EU and will approve the European Parliament.

"The Afghan people deserve peace and prosperity. As the European Union, we support them and will continue to support the reform process, the democratic path of Afghanistan, the rule of law and human rights and ensuring peace in the country for the benefit of not only all Afghans, but the entire region and the international community as a whole. This peacekeeping work should be led by Afghans and belong to the Afghans, but the active support of the region and the international community is crucial. The Afghan people can count on the fact that the European Union will accompany this process", - said EU High Representative for External Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.

Five priority directions were identified, on which the new EU strategy towards Afghanistan will be focused.

In particular, we are talking about assistance in the process of ensuring peace in the region, the main role of which is played by Afghanistan.

In addition, assistance will be provided in Afghanistan's efforts to reform the electoral system, combat corruption, and address human rights issues, including respect for minorities, protecting children or fighting impunity.

Also, the EU will assist in the implementation of the agenda as part of the country's sustainable development strategy until 2030.

The European Union will work with the Afghan authorities on the implementation of the earlier adopted plan for migrants, as well as on the empowerment of women. - Read More

EU decided to update strategy for Afghanistan - Front News International


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