Thursday, July 13, 2017

Donald Trump greeted with military fanfare in Paris - The Guardian

The US president, Donald Trump, has begun a visit to Paris, greeted with military fanfare as the French leader, Emmanuel Macron, showed him Napoleon’s tomb before they began talks on Syria and counter-terrorism.

After landing in Paris early on Thursday morning, Trump honoured American first world war veterans in a ceremony at the US embassy to mark 100 years since the US joined the conflict, while Macron was engaged in a separate meeting with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel.

The US president then arrived at the vast, historic military complex at Les Invalides, built by the Sun King Louis XIV, where he was met with a large French army reception and joined Macron in inspecting the troops. This seemed to flatter the US president, who has described himself as “a big military person” fond of army parades.

Trump will spend 24 hours in Paris, as a guest of honour at Friday’s Bastille day celebrations. - Read More

Donald Trump greeted with military fanfare in Paris


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