Thursday, June 08, 2017

Jordan: A reliable host for Germany's Bundeswehr? - Deutsche Welle

Off to Abdullah's kingdom: Germany's Bundeswehr is set to participate in the fight against terror from Jordan instead of Turkey. The country is neither a NATO member, nor a democracy by Western standards.

King Abdullah II is a leader very much to the West's liking. In contrast to the princes in the Arabian peninsula, he is usually dressed in a dark suit. He received a military education in Britain and studied in Oxford and Washington. Under his leadership, Jordan has reliably positioned itself in line with Western politics in all major Middle East conflicts.

'He reigns and rules'
In Abdullah's kingdom, Islam is the official religion. The judicial system is modeled on its British counterpart; disputes which are subject to civil law, however, can be dealt with by an Imam according to Sharia, or Islamic law. Women and men have equal voting rights, but the assembly of the government is determined by the King. 
Now, Germany wants to pull surveillance Tornado jets and a refueling plane from Turkey and move them to Jordan's Muwaffaq Salti airbase. The base is situated near the northern town of Al-Azraq, where German Bundeswehr soldiers are to be stationed, and has already been used by allied troops in the fight against the so-called "Islamic State" (IS) militant group. - Read More

Jordan: A reliable host for Germany′s Bundeswehr? | Germany | DW ...


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