Tuesday, June 06, 2017

15 Countries With Most Beautiful Women in The World

You go to a party & what do you see? All men drooling at women. But did you also by any chance notice that women are also drooling at women only. As if the opposite sex didn't exist.

Such is the beauty of this creation called WOMAN, that when in presence you can just not help perusing her over and over.

They're soft,  gentle,  keenly architectured and plain BEAUUUUTIFUL, all colours and hues !!

And now that Valentine's Day is around the corner and all set to sweep the lads and lasses at the coast, we take you through a tour of the world checking in only at the  countries known to have the most beautiful women in the world.

1. Afghanistan

Pristine white skin draped in sky blue veils and deep hazel eyes gazing through the sheers , the women of Afghanistan are much too beautiful;  just like angels above the blue skies would be. - Read More, RAWREAD

15 Countries With Most Beautiful Women in The World | Rawread


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