Thursday, March 06, 2014

Hamid Karzai brother drops out of Afghan elections --- Hamid Karzai’s brother dropped out of Afghanistan’s election on Thursday, throwing his weight behind a rival campaign and giving voters their clearest indication yet of their president’s favoured candidate. -- Qayum Karzai announced he was backing Zalmai Rassoul, the former foreign minister who joined the race after being asked to stand by President Karzai. -- “I and my team, we consider ourselves as a key part of this new alliance and declare my support for Dr Zalmai Rassoul,” Qayum Karzai told a press conference in Kabul. -- Analysts believe the election will go to a second round, most likely contested by Abdullah Abdullah, the runner-up five years ago, and a Karzai-backed ticket. -- “From now on, both teams will fight for victory... and I'm sure with the blessing of God, and the support of the people, we will win,” he said at the joint press conference. - More, Telegraph


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