Thursday, March 08, 2018

Refugee children making a new life in Germany - Deutsche Welle

Hailing from Syria, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe, they attend the same integration class in their new home. Despite different backgrounds, these high school students all have one thing in common: motivation to succeed.

"I have been in Germany for two years. I took off on foot, then someone gave me a ride in their car, after that I continued by bus and train and then finally on foot again. In Austria, a friend and I simply boarded a train to Munich. I couldn't speak any German." The events that Aziz Ahmad Noori is referring to took place two years ago. He was 15 at the time. He fled Afghanistan – fled violence – without his parents.

Aziz is typical of the kind of young people enrolled in integration courses at Bertha von Suttner High School. Most have fled difficult circumstances on their own and managed to get through it all. Aziz currently lives in a boarding house. He feels lucky to have the opportunity to attend school. His aim is to earn his diploma and graduate.

Just two years after arriving, he already speaks grammatically correct German with a slight accent. He has shown great proficiency in his natural sciences classes. As engineers are highly sought after here, he would seem a perfect fit for the German job market. At this year's MINT Competition for math, information technology, natural sciences and engineering, students from the integration class won a second-place finish. - Read More

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