Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Democrats Rock Trump By Reminding He’s Obligated By Law to Pay Obamacare Subsidies

Top Democrats sent a letter Wednesday to remind Donald Trump that it's his obligation under the law to pay Obamacare's subsidies.
A total of 196 House Democrats felt the need to remind Donald Trump that he has to abide by the law, as he’s made threats that he would just stop paying the subsidies.

“Trump reportedly wants to kill critical Obamacare subsidies, despite warnings health insurance premiums would spike,” CNBC reported on May 19th.

Trump doesn’t seem to care at all that he would be hurting millions of Americans. Instead, he sees the subsidies as a toy he can withhold from the Democrats to get what he wants. In the weeks after Trumpcare Round One failed, the President “threatened to withhold the subsidy payments as a way to induce the Democrats to bargain with him.”

So the Democrats reminded Trump that seven million Americans were depending on him to uphold the law.

“It is your responsibility to the American people and your obligation under the law to make the cost-sharing reduction payments and to stop other acts of sabotage that undermine Americans’ access to affordable, quality health insurance,” House Democrats warned President Trump.

“Health insurers plan big Obamacare rate hikes — and they blame Trump,” the Los Angeles Times reported on May 22. “Health insurers across the country are making plans to dramatically raise Obamacare premiums or exit marketplaces amid growing exasperation with the Trump administration’s erratic management of the program and its conflicting signals about the fate of aid for low-income consumers and other key issues.”

But the President is tasked with upholding the law, at least until the law changes, and Republicans did sue to have changed. But as of right now, the law stands and the President is supposed to abide. The President does not make laws.

Democrats are not in power, so they can’t hold Trump accountable the way they could if they were in charge. But they are trying to put up speed bumps at every turn when the President tries to take a dangerous turn that would harm millions of Americans.

The full letter reads: - Read More, Politicususa

Democrats Rock Trump By Reminding He’s Obligated By Law to Pay Obamacare Subsidies


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