Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Melania Trump in black at the Vatican. Why?

Melania Trump arrived at the Vatican on Wednesday morning the picture of modesty: a knee-length black dress, arms covered and a black veil over her hair.

Her choice of outfit - in particular, the elegant veil - did not go unnoticed by those keeping a close eye on the First Lady during her husband's first overseas tour as president

Among them was the BBC's North America editor, Jon Sopel.

"Interesting micro point," he tweeted. "Melania Trump wears head covering for meeting with @Pontifex - but not when she was in Saudi Arabia."

But BBC's David Willey in Rome was unsurprised. There is a strict protocol to be followed when meeting the Pope, which the White House will have been informed of.

A quick glance at the Vatican website lays out some of the rules: modest dress, with your shoulders covered, for those attending a Papal Audience - especially if indoors.

"It goes from deep lace mantillas to just a black veil," he explained. "When the Queen went to see the Pope when she was younger, she dressed up like the Spanish infanta."

Traditionally, heads of states and their partners have chosen to wear black, with a notable exception - a Catholic queen is allowed to wear white.

Mrs Trump's predecessors have all followed similarly strict rules. Michelle Obama chose to wear a veil on meeting Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, as did Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton on visiting the Vatican during their husbands' presidencies.

It should be noted that her stepdaughter Ivanka - who also decided against covering her head in Saudi Arabia - is not Catholic, having converted to Judaism, but still chose to wear a veil while at the Vatican.

But why the change from Saudi Arabia? Well, female foreign dignitaries are not required to cover their heads when they visit the kingdom - only Saudi nationals are.- Read More

Melania Trump in black at the Vatican. Why? - BBC News


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