Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s ‘painful’ concession speech, annotated, Washingtonpost

Hillary Clinton did what she probably never thought she'd have to do Wednesday morning: publicly concede the 2016 presidential race to Donald Trump.

Clinton couldn't help but hide her disappointment, appearing to stifle a few choke-ups and admitting, "This is painful, and it will be for a long time.” She returned to that word — “painful" — later in the speech while urging her supporters and young women to never stop fighting, no matter the setbacks. It was an emotional -- but at the same time defiant -- speech.

KAINE: She has made history. In a nation that is good at so many things, but that has made it uniquely difficult for a woman to be elected to federal office, she became the first major-party nominee as a woman to be president and last night won the popular vote of Americans for the president.

Nobody — nobody had to wonder about Hillary Clinton, whether she would accept an outcome of an election in our beautiful democracy. Nobody had to ask that question. Nobody had to doubt it. She knows our country for what it is. She knows the system that we have and its warts and blemishes. She's deeply in love with it and accepts it. She's been in battles before where if it didn't go her way she accepted it, but then woke up the next day and battled again for the dreams that she's held fast to. And that love of country is something that I think is obvious to everybody, obvious to everyone. - More


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