Monday, November 07, 2016

Trump, Clinton make final pitches to an anxious nation as moment of truth arrives - Washingtonpost

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made their final pitches to an anxious nation Monday, with Clinton seeking to strike a conciliatory, positive tone — and Trump, the underdog, warning of “disaster” if he loses.

On the last day of the presidential campaign, Clinton seemed to be a clear but not overwhelming favorite. She held a small lead in national polls and in key battleground states.

Both candidates were hoping that these polls had missed something: Trump hoping a surge in white voters that would allow him to win the White House; Clinton hoping for a surge in Latino voters that would put the race away.

In Grand Rapids, Clinton talked about bringing the country together after the election was over.

“We’ve got to heal our country, or, as the Bible says, ‘repair the breach,’ because we have so much divisiveness right now,” she said. “We’ve got to start listening to each other, respecting each other.”

Trump, on his final day, offered a starkly different message, full of dark warnings about what it would mean if he didn’t win. He said the country was on a downward slope, hampered by a favor-trading political elite and a mismanaged economy. His opponent was corrupt. The system was rigged in her favor.

And — if Trump could not win on Tuesday — he said his long and surprising campaign had been worthless for everyone involved.

“If we don’t win, I will consider this the single greatest waste of time, energy . . . and money,” Trump said during a campaign stop in Raleigh. “If we don’t win, honestly, we’ve all wasted our time.” - Read More

Candidates pack in final rallies on whirlwind last day of campaigning


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