Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton poised to win popular vote despite losing presidential race, the Guardian

:  If current projections hold, Hillary Clinton will soon become the second presidential nominee to win the popular vote yet lose the electoral college – and thus the White House – in the past five US presidential elections.

Clinton, who gave a speech on Wednesday conceding to her victorious Republican opponent Donald Trump, is poised to lose the electoral college tally by a decisive 74 votes (nearly 14% of the total available) while carrying a slim majority of the overall votes cast. As of Wednesday afternoon Clinton led by more than 200,000 votes, with 47.7% to Trump’s 47.5%. It would be the fifth time in the nation’s history that such a split has occurred and may be a boon to advocates of reform of the two-century-old system.

“We’re hoping that this will bring further attention when we start lobbying state legislatures next term,” said John Koza, a professor and author who originated legislation to replace the system that is now on the books in 11 states and could eventually bring down the electoral college.

The electoral college is a constitutional relic of a fundamentally different nation, one with 13 states and a potential electorate of 2.5 million citizens, slashed dramatically by restrictions that limited the franchise to white, land-owning Protestant men. A variety of arguments have been raised for its value, but typically it is understood by political science and history scholars as a constitutional firewall from certain kinds of potentially “undemocratic” election outcomes. - Read More
Hillary Clinton poised to win popular vote despite losing presidential race - Guardian

Hillary Clinton lost but is winning the popular vote - CNN


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