Monday, November 14, 2016

EDITORIAL: Donald Trump Is Now Hiring, nytimes

Staffing his administration is the first test of Donald Trump’s sales pitch to Americans: that his career running companies will make him a better president than any politician. Whom he hires and how he goes about it will be an early sign of his skill at managing the most consequential “company” in the world, and its millions of employees.

Mr. Trump, who until now had no experience in the federal government, is under immense pressure to find 4,100 qualified people to lead it. In an ideal scenario, his White House staff should be in place, and the 100 highest-ranking government agency officials — the cabinet, plus a range of defense, homeland security, disaster and pandemic response officials — should be ready to start work the moment Mr. Trump puts his hand on the Bible, to guard the nation from vulnerability during the transfer of power. That means their vetting and security clearances should be done and the nominees lined up for Senate confirmation. An additional 300 Senate-confirmed jobs should be filled by the start of the August congressional recess.

The center’s suggested hiring timelines even appears verbatim on Mr. Trump’s transition website,

A successful transition needs professionals able to challenge the boss if necessary, and separate qualified from unqualified job-seekers. As Clay Johnson III, George W. Bush’s director of presidential personnel, put it at the time, “The president appoints, and I disappoint.”

Such a manager could guide Mr. Trump on his rumored cabinet choices, helping him decide, for example, on a secretary of state from candidates like Mr. Gingrich, the ethically challenged former House speaker, and Zalmay Khalilzad, George W. Bush’s former United Nations ambassador and a Muslim. - Read More

Donald Trump Is Now Hiring

Donald Trump's Long To-Do List for Day 1 - NYtimes


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