Tuesday, October 04, 2016

“One of the important things for the success of our effort is real commitment from the international community” – UN envoy for Afghanistan

3 October 2016 – From a decades-long conflict which has seen an ever-growing number of civilians killed to rooting out corruption among government bodies, Afghanistan has been facing a range of challenges with the international community’s assistance – and many of these topics will be discussed at a gathering in the Belgian capital of Brussels on Wednesday, 4 October.

Hosted by Afghanistan and the European Union, the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan will have some 70 countries and 20 international organizations and agencies represented, and provide a platform for the Government of Afghanistan to set out its vision and track record on reform.  For the international community, the two-day gathering is expected to provide an opportunity to signal sustained political and financial support to Afghanistan’s peace, state-building and development.

Attendees will focus on three areas: joint international and Afghan efforts to increase the effectiveness of sustained international support and funding, on the basis of a new Afghan national development framework; Afghan reform efforts, including on economic reform, rule of law, improved public finance management and anti-corruption, so as to ensure the provision of the most important services and public goods; and, regional efforts to support a political process towards peace and cross-border economic cooperation.

The United Nations has a long history in Afghanistan, with various agencies at work there, some extending back until 1949. Spearheading the world body’s current efforts there is the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), which leads and coordinates international civilian efforts in assisting the country. UNAMA also provides political good offices in Afghanistan, works with and supports the government, supports the process of peace and reconciliation, monitors and promotes human rights and the protection of civilians in armed conflict, promotes good governance and encourages regional cooperation. 

Tadamichi Yamamoto: I think that as a diplomat, or a person working in an international field, to be able to work for a country in its nation-building is something that is really worthwhile. It is something that is extremely exciting in terms of being able to contribute to something which would be lasting.

And when you look at Afghanistan, it is a country which has suffered conflict throughout 30 years, close to 40 years, and it is a country which used to have a glorious history and also enjoyed a high quality of life in the 1960s and 1970s. So the potential for creating or bringing the country back to something really rich in terms of livelihoods is certainly there, and you can see that the Afghan people are very conscious of their nation’s integrity. There is a real opportunity for this country to be brought back to becoming a very attractive, prosperous country. - Read More
“One of the important things for the success of our effort is real commitment from the international community” – UN envoy for Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamamoto


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