Friday, June 13, 2014

Sanitas International, Our Clients --- Sanitas International, Inc. is a boutique global strategic communications, public affairs, digital media and political advisory firm based in Washington, D.C. -- Everyday the firm provides innovative and creative solutions tailored to overcome challenges for a diverse portfolio of international clients. Sanitas has handled some of the most critical issues influencing global policy, affecting the bottomline of international corproations, and threatening the reputations of world leaders in some of the most challenging environments around the world. The company specializes in strategic communications, reputation management and political consulting in emerging markets and developing countries. The firm also develops strategies for clients looking to influence legislation and public opinion in Washington, DC, throughout the United States and in specific markets abroad such as the UK, Europe and the Middle East.. --- At Sanitas, our clients are as diverse and unique as our approaches are to developing solutions and strategies. When you work with Sanitas, you work with communications professionals that have a wealth of experience. We strive to ensure your business is properly tuned and prepared to succeed in any environment, no matter how hostile. Our expertise in the area of strategic communications has delivered remarkable results for a wide-variety of clients around the world. -- We are confident that our services will exceed your stated goals and objectives. We value our clients and we value their trust and confidence in the Sanitas team. At Sanitas, we’re trusted advisors and we maintain a discrete, confidential list of clients. Sanitas services all of clients with one core interest in mind – To INFLUENCE, PROMOTE, DEFEND, IMPROVE and to WIN. - More, -- MORE,


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