Saturday, June 14, 2014

Afghan voters want security, jobs above all --- KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan voters were divided over which candidate to support in Saturday’s presidential runoff, but they broadly agreed on what they were looking for in their new leader after decades of war — security and jobs. --- In their own voices: - “I hope the new president will build roads for our village,” said Gulam Sakhi, a construction worker who lined up with more than 300 other voters to cast ballots at a mosque in Kabul. --- “I want a good president for Afghanistan, our country is suffering. We want stable security and a better economy,” said Humira Zarifi, a student in Kabul. “I hope the next president signs the bilateral security agreement, Afghanistan needs it.” --- “I saw these elections an opportunity to show the Taliban and the government that we are no longer scared to cast our vote and make our say matter,” said Matiaullah Jan, a car salesman in Kandahar. --- “Security is the first priority for the Afghan people. I’m tired of the suicide attacks and explosions every day,” said Abbas Razaye, a shopkeeper in Kabul. --- “Afghanistan is suffering most because of the security and a bad economy,” said Gul Makay after voting in Kabul. - The Associated Press


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