Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Government should respect Freedom of speech: Correspondents --- International Press Day was observed today and a large number of correspondents, analysts, cultural figures and governmental officials participated in the program organized at the main auditorium of the Ministry of Culture and Information. -- During the ceremony many correspondents were appreciated for their outstanding performance. -- The Ministry of Culture and Information has declared the safety of correspondents as the Government’s responsibility and criticized the Government for not investigating cases of violence and crime targeting correspondents. -- An official in the Ministry however said, “There is a special committee set up by the President, to follow through on cases of crime against correspondents and journalists in the country.” -- Meanwhile correspondents and journalists have highlighted some of the challenges they face during the course of their duty in the country. -- Political expert Ahmad Saiedi expressed his concerns saying, “I believe there are no measures adopted to protect the lives of our brave journalists in this country.” -- Minister of Culture and Information praised the department’s performance for the past 13 years but criticized some of the serials and episodes that are broadcast in the country. -


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