Friday, February 09, 2018

Trudeau makes another pitch for necessity of NAFTA as U.S. swing nears end

'Let's not raise fresh barriers between our peoples,' PM says at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau subtly urged U.S. President Donald Trump Friday night to not tear down a decades old trade relationship in the name of "winning," cautioning against a rush to build walls between their two countries.

The North American Free Trade Agreement has boosted the number of American jobs, of which nine million today are reliant on free trade, Trudeau said.

Ending that over what was akin to the score in a hockey game — "reduced to a balance of trade statistics or a tariff rate," Trudeau said — would upend lives on both sides of the border in a manner no one can predict.

If free trade between Canada and the U.S. was a bad idea, "then there are no good ideas," Trudeau said during his speech to local and state legislators. - Read More


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