Friday, January 20, 2017

The Obamas say goodbye to Washington

Washington (CNN) - Gliding toward Joint Base Andrews in his military helicopter Friday, Barack Obama watched a dramatically altered Washington recede from view, the work of his presidency now over and the future of his accomplishments uncertain.

Waving at a crowd gathered to witness his political and ideological opposite sworn into office, Obama revealed no apprehension at handing the most powerful job in the world to Donald Trump. His head cocked, there were no outward signs of hard feelings as Donald Trump derided his tenure during his inaugural address.

And Obama previewed a return to public life when he was addressing members of his staff at Joint Base Andrews moments after Trump was sworn in.

The former president and his wife decamped for the West Coast, flying for a final time on the presidential aircraft to Palm Springs, California. They're expected to remain for a time in the desert oasis at the home of Michael Smith, who decorated their private living quarters and designed Obama's Oval Office. His aides said they didn't expect to see Obama at least until next month. - Read More


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