Sunday, September 28, 2014

Afghanistan President-elect to be sworn in Monday --- The new Afghanistan President-elect Ashraf Ghani would be sworn in on Monday in the first peaceful transition of power from one elected leader to another in Afghanistan. -- Abed Adel, Spokesman, Office of Administrative Affairs, said on Sunday in Kabul that all preparations have been concluded and the three-hour inauguration would take place on Monday morning. -- He said Ashraf Ghani, a Former Finance Minister, would officially take over power from Hamid Karzai, who took office 13 years ago following the US invasion and collapse of Taliban rule. -- Adel said more than 1,500 guests, including 200 foreign dignitaries, have been invited to the ceremony. -- He mentioned that Indian Vice President Mohammad Ansari and a Chinese minister are also been expected. -- Adel said Ghani would be sworn in by the chief justice, laying his hands on the Koran and swearing to be an honest servant of the country and people. -- He said further that, after taking office from Karzai, Ghani would introduce former rival Abdullah Abdullah as the Chief Executive Officer, a newly-formed post similar to the prime minister. -- A senior security officer, who preferred anonymity, said the security at the venue of the event would be “Water tight”. -- He said to ensure adequate security and protection of lives and property thousands of police and army troops have been deployed to the venue of the event. - More, punchng,


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