Friday, May 09, 2014

EU says Afghan children important --- KABUL (WNA-May. 8, 2014): The European Union (EU) quoting the ambassador as addressing some Afghan children: "You are the children of today, but you will be the adults of tomorrow." -- On the occasion of the Europe Day 2014 an annual day of celebration of peace and unity in the 28 nations of the European Union – and around the world, the EU Ambassador addressed 300 Afghan school children on Thursday. -- The statement said the European Union protects, promotes and fulfils the rights of children. Therefore the EU Delegation in Afghanistan has dedicated Europe Day to celebrate the children of Afghanistan and invited close to 300 school children to participate. -- "Afghan children are important. Half of all Afghans are under 15 years old. With well over thirteen million young Afghans, this group deserve genuine political attention", said the EU Special Representative and Head of Delegation, Ambassador Franz-Michael Mellbin, when addressing the children and Ambassadors of European Union Member States. -- "Children are not voters; they have little or no voice in the public debate and no one to represent them. One could be led to believe that investing in children doesn't pay off. This is not true. -- The current and coming leaders of Afghanistan should therefore push harder to safeguard the interests of the nation's future. --- The drafting of the much needed Child Act has been announced to for this year. But the smooth and swift adoption of this essential law will show how much attention the President, the Parliament and the Government are ready to invest in Afghanistan's children", stated Ambassador Mellbin earlier. -- On this occasion Ambassador Mellbin invited the Afghan Government to join the UN initiative "Children, not Soldiers" and encouraged the Government to take action. -- "The 25th anniversary this year of the 'United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child' (ratified by Afghanistan in 1994) is a well-timed occasion to put more urgency behind the work of protecting Afghan children from war and armed conflicts", concluded Ambassador Mellbin. - More,


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