Sunday, October 28, 2012

Memo From Afghanistan - When Afghans Look to Border With Pakistan, They Don’t See a Fixed Line

KABUL, Afghanistan — It is perhaps a measure of the growing anxiety in Afghanistan that an American envoy’s seemingly innocuous comments about a border first laid down in the 19th century could provoke a week of defiant missives from Afghan officials and fearful murmurings about conspiracies being hatched in Washington and Islamabad.

The border, of course, is no simple boundary: It is the Durand Line, named for the British colonial official who drew it up to separate Imperial Britain’s Indian possessions from Afghanistan — dividing traditionally Pashtun lands between Afghanistan and what would later become Pakistan. To the world at large today, the line, however contentious, is official.  MORE - When Afghans Look to Border With Pakistan, They Don't See a ... - nytimes
The partition of Afghanistan for peace -


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