Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Afghanistan Partition ‘Plan B’ Only Benefits the Enemy - Nemat Sadat

Robert Blackwill’s “Partition as Plan B” article appearing in the current issue of Foreign Affairs is unconvincing and if implemented would have devastating consequences. --- Blackwill’s proposal for the US to surrender Afghanistan’s south, retreat to the north, and then resume an aerial campaign into a newly created Pashtunistan just shows how ill-informed he is about Afghanistan.

Separating Afghanistan along racial lines is not going to end the US quagmire or reduce the costs in executing the war. Afghans will not accept the breakup of their ancient and multi-ethnic nation that they have fought hard, throughout their history, to keep intact. Implementing a plan that divides Afghanistan will tragically turn Afghan moderates toward supporting the insurgency against U.S. and allied forces.

A de facto partition would also permit Al Qaeda to re-group and take up residence in the terrorist-sanctioned state, just as they did once before. Can you just imagine what a nation governed by radical Islamists on both sides of the Durand Line would look like?

Losing Afghanistan would be a catastrophic loss to the international community, a grave threat to US security interests, and signal of mission accomplished to terrorists worldwide. Let’s not even contemplate Plan B since the losses would be unacceptable and the wins beneficial only to the other side. ....... More

Afghanistan Partition ‘Plan B’ Only Benefits the Enemy - Nemat Sadat
Plan B in Afghanistan Foreign Affairs - Robert D. Blackwill


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