Thursday, March 25, 2010

Human rights report press conference - (UNAMA)

The lack of political commitment to the justice agenda is seen by the High Commissioner as an urgent concern exemplified by the Amnesty Law; it was gazetted in December 2008 but it only came to light at the end of last year. This Law relieves Afghan authorities of their obligation to investigate and prosecute, on their own initiative, those allegedly responsible for gross violations of human rights. It contravenes Afghanistan’s obligations under international law and it green-lights impunity and continued human rights violations. It ignores the grievances of victims and denies them access to justice. This Law also sends the wrong message to victims who have repeatedly called for justice and the removal of human rights violators from public office.

The Law is likely to undermine efforts to secure genuine reconciliation which is of course about bringing together different elements of a fractured society in a manner that allows them to overcome, or deal with, harmful and divisive policies, practices, and experiences. At the very minimum, there must be an acknowledgment of the grave injustices that have occurred if the long and notorious pattern of abuse is to end in this country. - Human rights report press conference
سازمان ملل: قانون مصالحه ملی افغانستان مایه نگرانی واقعی است
«قانون عفو مجرمین جنگی باید تجدید نظر شود»

UN to select two international experts for Afghanistan’s poll complaints body
Special Representative meets with Hezb-e-Islami delegation in Kabul


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