Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Funding appeals and humanitarian action updates -UNICEF

Afghanistan has been in a state of complex emergency for over the past twenty years. The country’s infrastructure and systems have been largely destroyed. An estimated 22 million Afghans, or 70% of the population, live in poverty and substandard conditions. 40% children less than three years old are underweight and 54% of under five are stunted. Over 100,000 people - most of them children and women - remain displaced by conflict and drought. - Funding appeals and humanitarian action updates

افغانستان: 'شش میلیون نفر به کمک غذایی نیاز دارند'
نگرانی سازمان ملل از وضعیت کشورهای فقیر

European Commission, European Union and UNICEF reaffirming Afghan child rights


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