Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terrorism Suspect Pleads Not Guilty - NYtimes

His lawyer, J. Michael Dowling, entered the plea of not guilty on his behalf and squeezed his shoulder when the hearing ended. “To use a hackneyed phrase, I’d like to stop this rush to judgment, because what I’ve seen so far does not amount to a conspiracy,” Mr. Dowling said outside the courthouse.

“You can’t convict him of conspiracy on handwritten bomb materials, purchasing these products,” he said, referring to the beauty supplies. “You cannot convict him of the charge he’s indicted under on that evidence.” - New York Times
Terrorism Suspect Pleads Not Guilty - washingtonpost

Al Jazeera Video: Terror arrest puts New York Muslims on edge - 29 Sep 09
New York bomb plot suspect pleads not guilty Reuters
CNN - Los Angeles Times - AFP

From Smiling Coffee Vendor to Terror Suspect - nytimes


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