Friday, July 18, 2008

Nangarhar Elders Demand Retribution for US Air Strike

“Karzai should hand over the murderers so that we can hang them, or else he should resign,” said Rai Khan, shaking with anger. “If he does not do one or the other, then we will leave our homes and take matters into our own hands.”

Malek Jabar, a tribal elder from the Oghaz area, where the incident took place, told IWPR that the killings could lead people to go over to the Taleban.

“We Afghans have become so servile that we can no longer demand vengeance from foreigners on our own soil,” he said. “If those who committed this action are not handed over to us, we will have to join the opposition. At least they do not kill our women and children.”
GroundReport Afghanistan Nangarhar Elders Demand Retribution ...


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