Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Putin warns US policy creating new arms race

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Saturday that the United States' increased use of military force is creating a new arms race, with smaller nations turning toward developing nuclear weapons. Speaking at a conference of the world's top security officials, including Iranian nuclear negotiator --- "One state, the United States, has overstepped its national borders in every way," he told the 250 officials, including more than 40 defense and foreign ministers. --"This is very dangerous: Nobody feels secure anymore because nobody can hide behind international law," he said through a translator. --"This is nourishing an arms race with the desire of countries to get nuclear weapons," he added, without singling out any particular nation. -- In a harshly critical speech, Putin also voiced concern about US plans to build a missile defense system in eastern Europe, probably Poland and the Czech Republic, and the expansion of NATO as possible challenges to Russia.


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